Thursday, January 21, 2016

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Not Seeing a Chiropractor Could Cost You (266)

(NewsUSA) - Didn't consult a chiropractor first for your back pain? 
 That'll cost you $1.3 billion.
No, you personally won't be on the hook for the entire amount. But in 
analyzing two year's worth of its own insurance data, the health care giant
 Optum projected that's how much money healthcare consumers would've 
saved had patients who'd experienced 14.7 million reported non-surgical 
spinal episodes received chiropractic care at the outset.
Optum's definition of "at the outset" is "within the first 10 days" of a spinal 
episode. Taking advantage of that window, it found, drastically reduces the 
need for everything from costly surgery to injections to prescription 
medications -- a conclusion certain to fuel the growing "chiropractic first" 
movement espoused by many health experts.
And it's not just about the money.
"The quality of back pain treatment" would likewise be "improved," 
Optum has contended, if doctors of chiropractic -- who already perform 
more than 94 percent of all spinal manipulations in the U.S. -- were 
consulted first by patients.
"Chiropractic care advances the opportunity for optimal outcomes 
across care delivery, quality and cost," said the not-for-profit Foundation 
for Chiropractic Progress' Gerard Clum, DC, who also pointed to a recent 
study in the journal "Spine" that found that patients suffering from lower 
back pain who first visited a chiropractor, versus a surgeon, were more than 
40 percent less likely to go under the knife.
Coincidentally, 40 percent is also what the Foundation pegs the per-episode 
savings at when chiropractic care precedes medical or surgical interventions. 
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